Friday, July 6, 2012

Shopping in Issa Ivanhoe

I had not been in this shop for ages! Last time I was in Helena was showing me Elk's winter collection catalogue. Now she is showing me the summer collection! Heads up Elk fans, there are lots of silk dresses! There was guilt on my face... I don't know why I had been in. I think I changed my lunchtime grocery shop routine to go to another place instead.

Display table of soaps
Check out the display table for soaps! And those are not prints, they are original watercolour paintings but framed. I want them!

Display shelves

The problem with going into this shop is that you want everything.. everything.. did I say everything? Then you see this ... And you must have it.

Flamingos WANT
I have wanted flamingos in the garden since forever. Mick said no.. so what do I do? BUY BUY BUY. I bought these and another Lovebird Candle in French Vanilla and Hazelnut. The smell omgawd.. yummy.

Pink Flamingos
I ran home and got so excited, I had to set them up!! Look it comes with instructions for people like me. LOL! Except I could not insert metal legs and I had to call them for some SOS on it. It turns out you had to jam one of them in. So jam it in I did.

Camp as Rick Martin in a row of tents 
Check that out! I have set them up near the front door in case someone decides that they want a pair too and will help themselves to them. They are NEON pink! OMG!! D calls them eagles and Mick's love for them grew too. He has now decided to drill a hole in the bum and stick lighting in them. :O

Remember that porcelain ring that I got from Mick? Check out the matching earrings!

Love Heart Earrings
Lastly.. I leave you with this item from Issa. If you are looking for a baby shower gift. Check these out! You pull the cord and the old fashion music box style type of lullaby plays. This one plays Over the Rainbow. You cannot really see it, but there are silver tears in the grey cloud. :)

Baby Shower suggestion


  1. Oh god they are amazing! I have always wanted flamingos in my garden.

    1. Flamingos are like the best and funniest thing everrrrrr!
      Even the husband is into them now.

  2. I feel like an idiot but I'm struggling to think just where this shop is in Ivanhoe? Obviously it's because I NEED to go into there and check out their treasures including that soap display!

    1. Get in there! You have to go check out the love bird candles.
      And the soaps display omg. It's off Upper Heidelberg road (heading from our place) you turn right to get to Coles carpark. Before you hit that curve at Livingstone you'll see it. It's next to the Japanese sushi bar called Popula which is another amazing place.

  3. I've always wanted flamingos ever since seeing ads way back in the 90's about hiring them for birthdays etc. They are so retro!


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