Thursday, October 7, 2010

So I'm one year oldahhh!

So I am one year oldahhhh.. Denial denial.

Anyway, we went to Ink Bar in Fitzroy North.. it was an interesting experience. And once again, we were the only ones at the restaurant the entire time. It was both weird but niceee....
I must have driven past this place at least 200 times but I have never noticed it.
The seafood platter was divine, you know when you get a seafood platter and it is one big deep fried golden basket? Not this one. It was fresh and oh so good. Oyster shooters, Scallop mornay, salt and pepper calamari, marinated octopus and cured salmon. That's only the 1st course by the way. Leave room for the 2nd course as it was BIG. Butter Barramundi, Morton Bay Bugs, crabs, tiger prawns, coconut rice, big thick cut chips, salad (who would eat the salad?!), crab croquettes... It was sacrilege I left prawns behind!

This was my birthday outfit. I have to say that this skirt is circa 2003! I managed to pull off crazy lady Alannah Hill.

The little boys were left at home and I had my baby free time with Mick. It was weird to say the least. But perhaps we require a few more outings like this to get myself used to it!


  1. Happy birthday Ling! You look fantastic, I can't even tell you've pushed out 2 bubbas! :)

    Maria @


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