Sunday, October 10, 2010

Zumba is Hilarious!

I finally got myself to Springthorpe for their Zumba class. It is a new estate which meant I would have got lost. But it took 3 minutes to drive down. This is good as it means I will not have any excuse of I am late, it's too far to drive.

Anyway, I get there and I am one of the first person to be there for the class. So I stand around thinking nobody else will talk to me. But the owner of the class sort of introduced me to another asian lady. So we got talking before the class. This is part of the reason for going to classes on my own. I will always meet someone and as classes were in Springthorpe, it meant that I would meet more people in my area.

So what is Zumba like? I'm sure everyone has seen those ads on tele. But nobody tells you how hilarious it is. It's like a mumbo jumbo mix of aerobics plus dance moves. I swear I went from hip hop video skank crumping to Zorba the Greek-dance-around-in-a-circle-thingee. The instructor looked like she was a newbie and at some stage missed the cues. If it were me, I would have continued making people do what I thought was wrong. I have done this heaps of times. LOL She was also treating the workout as a karaoke session by miming to the words of the songs. Which is quite a feat considering a lot of the tunes were Latinoooo. I think all instructors have the liberty to add 1 or 2 tracks of their own pick. So how come some instructors think it's a great idea to include line-dancing in their gig? Why?? Mine decides it's a great and super duper idea to do Zorba the Greek. I thought I was in the set of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Then the next song I was doing the Britney Slave 4 U move. And at another song, I was doing the Hip Hop with Carmen Electra move. I kid not.

Doing aerobics has reminded me that I probably should get new sport shoes -> perhaps time to trawl Sierra Trading and also I need Stella McCartney for Adidas gear to add to the hawtness factor. That Zumba gear that they were trying to pimp looks el taco loco!

The warm down moves were the same as my pole days. Except without a pole to hold onto, I was nearly falling off when I was doing the leg stretch thing. I don't think she held the stretches for long enough but then that was my way of stretching the class longer back in my teaching days. I'm almost ready to get back to pole. If I can find a decent pole studio ... which I have doubt that can happen. That's a different story!

So I can safely say that I managed to survive the entire class this means that it is do-able for anyone! At the end of the class, Cindy the lady I met at the start of the class said they have functions quite frequently in the estate country club. So she's wondering if I'm able to make it to the events. Hoping that I get invited to something soon! We all know we need to get out of the house!

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