Friday, October 8, 2010

Zumba Wahhhh

So obviously the last time I exercised was.... mmmm ... when was that? Does trying to walk uphill to playgroup with a toddler count? I believe that would. But anyway, I had managed to huff uphill with a toddler, laptop bag and handbag at 9months I am sure I am not that bad right?

Obviously with Pole wars there are not many studios that I can go to anymore in Melbourne. I'm better off trying my luck in Sydney where they still like me at Anyway, Zumba is SO MUCH cheaper than Pole. It's only $12?! What the!? I'm so there. There is one that is about 5minutes drive away and I am going tomorrow.

But erm, what do people wear to Zumba? When we pole, less is better. There was one class I did in my underwear as I had forgot to bring my shorts. Oh the indignity... I was in underwear and I had my first baby boy and he was about 12 weeks old. The shame!!! I have never ever ever stood in a roomful of women in my underwear. Obviously this will not make me popular with Zumba people. Especially in my very ultra conservative suburb.

Actually I can imagine some people telling me that they will pay me to wear sequined hot pants and hardly anything else to class.

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