Thursday, October 14, 2010

Great website I stumbled on

This is not a paid advertisement, but a website that I stumbled on ages ago.
But of course I did not remember to bookmark it. It took many many many google attempts to find it again. It was my mistake, I had forgotten that Americans
call nappies -> diapers instead. I was trying to google till my hearts' content "nappy clutch" instead of "diaper clutch". DUH LING!

So, I finally signed up and have favourited this project. Do you think I can be bothered to make anything these days? Not really. I feel bad, I have a brand new sewing machine and a ton of sewing books. I should make something. But I digress... how good is this site!!

Step by step tutorials of how to do crafty stuff. So aspiring WAHMs trying to find something unique to pimp in etsy and madeit etc please remember to send commission cheques to me. ;)

Check this one out -> Girly Frilly Bikini

These people are so talented! I love it!


  1. What a cute website, I dont think I have the skills to DIY but the felt zombies were hilarious.


  2. I know!! Zombies LOL. I can't believe how creative they are.


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