Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hilarious and Lousy cooks on TV

@em_itpleasesus on twitter introduced me to Sandra Lee and her Kwanzaa cake. This stuff is made to be laughed at. How on earth did Sandra Lee get her own show on Food Network? Grab any random on Collins Street and they can do something better than her. She takes stuff from the supermarket ... store bought icing/frosting dunks cocoa powder, cinnamon and vanilla and calls that yummy. MMMMM yummm... You have to watch this to believe it. A store bought angel food cake, dumped with cinnamon vanilla frosting, chuck a can of apple pie filling in the hole and dig holes out for the big candles to stick out of the cake. The best part is .. "embellish the cake with acorns.." Who does this?!!? LOL

Then I stumble on this beaut of a gem Paula Deen thanks to @em_itpleasesus again. She sandwiches a lasagne between a big thing of garlic bread. It's totally awesome! Portion control lady! But gosh darned it, I love the way she talks. It's amazzzinggg the southern drawl. Check out how Paula forces her girrllfrriendd to take a bite out of that huge hunk of lasagne sammich!

Love them! I had a great and fantastic laugh over these videos for ages.
I hope everyone is scared off their dinner now!


  1. OMG that lasagna sandwich was gross. No wonder people die from obesity related illness.

  2. I know Xena, it's absolutely disgusting. YUCK!


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