Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bikini Shopping!!

... Or to save poor unsuspecting people's eyes I should look at monokinis!
For the first time since Dec 2008, Mick and I are going on a holiday. Yes with two kidlets. May the force be with us and all that jazz. I am stressing about the little boys behaving like real mongrels.
Anyway, the other passengers will have to deal with I guess.

So ... as per last post. My bikinis are 3 years old. I was thinking, hey maybe I should go check out Zimmermann. But I am now her royal tightness and I cannot justify $200 on a 'kini anymore.
I am off to Ebay. The problem with Ebay is, the pics all look great. But when they arrive, there's always a sense of oh I'm so disappointed. Chuck it into the bottom of the drawer.

Anyway as usual, Ebay churns out such gems! Check this out.

Just trawled Ebay.. everything looks sad cat. NEED HALPPP!!!


  1. Testing indeed.
    I will give you $100 if you buy that bikini, take photos eating a burger, and put it on the blog.

    $100 is A TONNE of cash!

  2. Dude it's on!
    Only if you buy me that 'kini.
    ROFL omg I'll need super brazilian wax!

  3. What about vintage style bikini? there are all these styles on ModCloth
    and I think these may be some of the same brands. So gorgeous :-D I love the cherry print and the sailor look ones :-)

  4. oops i forgot to link

  5. See i'm no pinup by any stretch of imagination!
    I've got no curves at all!

    Let me check out the links. Thanks!

  6. I buy bikinis from They have a really good returns policy and often have things on sale.

  7. You gotta shave to wear that thing - and i don't mean your arm pits....oh hang on. on second thought you should just take a bath in nair...
    ...holy COW!


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