Monday, October 18, 2010

My new Kitchen Gadgets

So much love for these things that I bought.

What on earth did I do before I bought this? And why.. pray tell why did I wait SO LONG to buy a Microplane grater?

I have been talking about buying a Microplane for the last 2 years. Yes 2 years. I repeat 2 years. This is pathetic as this gadget is not $200, it's $20-something? Now I just want to grate and zest everything in sight! I love it!! No wastage, perfect thin grated parmesan and perfect lemon zest. It's gorgeous!

And then I stumbled on the Beater Blade K beater. It's a beater that is made to fit the Kitchenaid mixer. The K beater that comes with the Kitchenaid means I am scraping the sides about 10 times before I can add any eggs. Then I have to scrape 20 times after adding the eggs. Meanwhile there are bits of butter chunks left in my mix. The beater blade has a silicone thing on the rim that catches every bit of butter. I tested it out today and it is million times of love. As I am lazy to stop and scrape the butter this saves me so much trouble.

I just realised how sad it is that I am raving about kitchen gadgets. Lol this is what happens when you get housewife hair and you're a suburban housewife!


  1. yum!!! i am super dooper jelly!!! i lust for a kitchen aid so bad... but it is not to be mine for a long time!! i elbow grease big time when baking and making stuff. worst!!! your grater sounds fab!! :) xx

  2. Do not fear!!! I was holding onto my Huey's Kitchen lousy arse hand beater for ages.
    Before I got the kitchenaid. I still managed to bake.

  3. I know this is an old post but I have a KitchenAid too and now lemming this blade - I get very annoyed at scraping the sides too.


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