Thursday, May 16, 2013

I love Aldi: Mushroom Tortellini

Alright you cannot say that I do not love my readers and do everything for you guys. You know there's a group of you out there loving these freezer meal reviews. This is what happens when I shop for groceries while in starvation mode. Oh... this one looks kinda ok. Alright I will grab one of this. It has mushrooms.. I blame my lack of mushrooms for buying this. The boys don't like mushrooms and think it is gross. So woe is me.. I have to resort to freezer mushroom meals from Aldi for some mushroom loving. You might remember how traumatised I was after the last "Faux-Talian" Vegetable Cannelloni so I'm not sure why I picked up another pasta meal. Anyway here it goes.. let's get into it.

What Aldi says it looks like
Ok so it looks pretty safe. I tore open the cardboard box and was praying to the freezer meal gods. Please god, it's Ling, I'm only a workaholic who is lazy to cook. Don't punish me this time ok? Kthxbai.

What it really looks like
Right.. so not that bad. Did you notice I had drowned it in white pepper? This is what seasoned freezer meal chowers do. Peel open film, try not to burn yourself from the steam that has been generated from nuking your food to absolute death for 6 minutes, dump a heap of pepper on it. Ok I am not sure if my expectations were very low.. as in just eat something and get back to work or this is not that bad. Mushrooms were good, the sauce was a little weird starchy. Stab the mushrooms and tortellini with a fork, drain as much of that stuff off and you'll be fine. The tortellini was not too hard, ya know that raw weird tortellini texture? So this one was edible. Phew... relief all round.

What else can I tell you about it. It had mushrooms. I think I was just overwhelmed with my love for mushrooms that I overlooked the bad sauce. 

I am waiting for the onslaught of omg girl get yourself some frozen tortellini, 2 button mushrooms and some packaged sauce. Ok noted! Damn convenience and trying to fit everything into my lunch hour.

Price: Tick $3.99  
Appearance: Half tick.. tortellini half peeking out of sauce and littered by mushrooms.. MUSHROOMS
Taste: Go to town with the pepper!
Will buy again Factor: I don't mind this too much. It's a buyable item. 


  1. Mmmmm. Thank you for listening to your audience. More, more :)

  2. Love your work , Ling.

    Because I'm hard core Asian, I douse meals in soya sauce.

    SSG xxx

    1. OOOh i can't.. because I am too afraid it will be too salty. LOL

  3. LOL at your post! I do sometimes sneak a frozen meal for lunch at work...gotta admit it's so handy!

  4. I have been waiting so long for a freezer meal review and once again you've come up with the goods.
    On point, well done babes.

  5. Replies
    1. The suffering I go through for the blog. HAHAH

  6. Mmm...maybe, huh? I'd love you to review the 'Authentic Asia' frozen wonton soup bowls. I was feeling sick and too lazy last week to do any real cooking and tried one. I thought it wasn't half bad: nice prawn wontons, noodles and a not too bland broth - I'd love to see what you think!

    1. I will have to google but if it was a yellow and red packaging i have tried it and it is yum. The broth is MSG central but I can tolerate it.

  7. Lol this takes me back to bittersweet times... Kitchen renos in which all I had was a microwave for a month... Some of the Coles colourful packaging (sorry can't remember much more clearly than that! :p) rozen meals were quite OK, including the curries, but others bombed big time. Instead of pepper my frozen meal thang is Parmesan cheese! :)

    1. Ahhhhhhh parmesannnnnn good one!
      Kitchen renos = sad face.


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