Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Stalk my Weekend: Mothers' Day Weekend


OMG it's taking me ages to do my Stalk my Weekends! Before I know it... it's the next weekend!
I was sent the La Clinica Helixer face serum last week and I received it on Friday. On Saturday morning I was examining this in detail.. Snail secretion. I was very curious so I started using it since Saturday. Honestly it is not slimy and quite nice! I am trying not to think of how it is harvested. Mick LOLed about the Peptides ingredients.. he's a Bombers fan.

So in a recent Stalk my Nom, I visited Chef Lagenda for the first time ever. I cannot stop going back! Nothing quite hits the spot as Laksa. Laksa is my best friend like ever. And the boys usually have "chicken and rice and soup". Why would anyone want to go anywhere else? My only issue with this is that their spoons are too shallow and small. I wanted to BYO my own Chinese soup spoons but I forgot!

Port Melbourne Beach
Yay I'm running
It was quite a warm day in Melbourne on Saturday and after lunch, I wanted to take the boys to Port Melbourne beach. This was totally unprepared by the way. We had no towels or anything. At first D was asking to take his clothes off and he was getting upset as his shorts were wet. He got over it later and even sat on the water in his shorts. And Pickles followed as well. I went back to get the car so we did not have to carry two wet and sandy kids 2 blocks away. When I got back there were 2 topless boys waiting for me. Ooopsss should bring spare clothes next time!

Ever since we bought the Nespresso I have to say that we have stopped going out for lunches. This is good news for my wallet. This was my Mothers' Day breakfast. Smoked salmon with Roza's Gourmet Remoulade sauce, avocado and poached egg on english muffin and my fav spinach plus crunchy hash brown! I would imagine having to pay $20 for this at a cafe. Look at our stylish Mick plated up! 

Roasted Chicken and Salad
This was my dinner.. Yummy roasted chicken and salad with haloumi. I have to say that haloumi is my best friend now. Truly.. we are in love as well. :) I requested for no presents because I really do not need anymore things. But I bought myself a pair of Target PJs. $16!!! I could not bring myself to shell out for Peter Alexander. So I can say that I was very spoilt for Mothers' Day. I took Pickles out for a shopping trip in the afternoon and D and Mick started their baking. 

Truly jealous yet?
Hells to the Yeah.. I leave you drooling for some caramel slice... Seriously I think this is my current favourite. Can anything beat caramel slice? Erm no! Hope y'all had a great weekend as well!


  1. BYO Spoons!!!! Genius!!!!!!!
    I am so due for a laksa fix!!!!!!!

    1. Hells yeah. I was so gonna BYO spoon! Then i can like totes slurp it up!

  2. Oh goodness! Great Mother's Day indeed! I had roast chicken too...only difference? I had to cook it. :p But umm..can I get you or is it Mick, to make me some caramel slice...please pretty please? This is the one bloody slice I CANNOT seem to get right!

    1. WHY! What do you mean it failedddd? Tell me!

  3. Hahaa OMG we live like the same life. I too, bought Target Pjs for myself. They were also $16. Mine are pink dots (measles, my mum says) on black background. I was actually bummed that they were part of the 'Essentials' range so were just about the only thing in the whole store NOT on sale. Anyway, on another note, Caramel slice is fan-freaking-tastic! But it has to be home made ;)

  4. Wow, you had such a lovely weekend! I had a little giggle at the BYO spoons, I know what to get you for your birthday!

    I love how cute the boys looked on their beachscapades! And your Mother's Day lunch/dinner looked amazing, maybe Mick should enter Masterchef!

    Love Target jammies...I nearly bought a Big W pair for $10 (including fuzzy slippers) but they didn't have my size. :P

  5. Happy Mothers Day!!
    That food looks so damn good!
    I agree with the Nespresso.. We hardly ever buy coffee out anymore!!

  6. I'm glad you had a fab Mother's Day, the photos look great and that brekky yes my tummy is jelly!

    I've been thinking about getting a Nespresso for a while... I'd save myself a lot on cafe coffee too, me thinks!

    Hope you are having a great week. :)


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