Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Shelter for Decking

The boys went to Bunnings on Saturday with intend to get things to build a wooden truck. Yes a truck. I am no Bunnings fan so I said to drop me off at the homemaker centre and I will cruise around Plush and the other furniture stores. In case anyone is wondering, Mad Men has a lot to answer for with regards to furniture as well. The 60s are back by the way!

I went into a shop called The Outdoor Furniture. I was really looking at lounge deck chairs and wanted to sit around and take selfies LOL. Then I saw this!

Oh hai big brolly
It even has lights under the shade. Don't ask why it has lights.. But anyway, I have a small umbrella at the moment that we bought on Christmas Eve 2011. The reason for running out to get that umbrella was because we were expecting guests on Boxing Day 2011. What happened? It pelted down with hail like crazy on Christmas and it was too cold to sit outside anyway. The umbrella serves it's purpose but I feel that it is too small. So I got Vista to come out and measure a quote for foldable awnings. You can so see me lounging under this right...?

Do WANT Image: Vista Blinds
She measured out the length and width. Yeapp all good.. until we got the price quote. Yeah not good. It cost more than the actual decking itself. LOL!

When the boys came to get me at Plush, I told Mick to start saving up for that umbrella. He asked for dimensions. I said I don't know, it was big. He continues to try to probe.. did you get measurements? My face went into a blank. I did get the price though!! The other solution is shade cloth but I am not sure about them.

I need help... what can I do with shade requirements? Short of building another structure. Lord this is hard!


  1. It is hard - I bought an umbrella for our deck only to have to return it and buy another because someone thought the original one was too small :( Do you have room for a gazebo? I had my eye on one at IKEA but it was too big for our space (one with curtains on the sides). Shade sails can look good too, as long as you can get one big enough.

    1. Oh gazebo... i wonder if it is huge though to store away in winter. I'm thinking if it is too big for your area it would not fit in mine.

      Onto investigating shade cloths!!

  2. Ridic the price of things! We got a quote for drop down blinds around our deck from the Australian Outdoor Living, and they quoted more than 3 times of what it cost us to actually put up the deck roof! Re-doing and extending our deck will also cost us less than half that price. Crazy stuff.

    I've seen heaps of deals lately from the group buying sites for 3 metre umbrellas and outdoor umbrellas that all look pretty good?

    1. You're so lucky that you can DIY though. No way we can have the time to do it. :(

      I think I need to measure up the back first. ROFLLLLL

  3. Oh no I'm looking at doing something similar. Eek. I have no advice so am useless but if you come up with any ideas let me know!


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