Monday, January 14, 2013

Giveaway: Sunraysia Organic Juice Pack

Juice Galore! 

I was invited to the Sunraysia Organic Juice brunch event at The Greengrocer recently to find out more about Sunraysia’s latest organic product. Boy was I glad I attended! It was a very hot day, one of the first 30-something degrees day that we had. And I cracked into one of these yummies straight away. The juice is individually packed and comes in 4 flavours: Tropical, Apple, Orange and Apple & Blackcurrant. Organic food products is not a new thing but what is new is these come in individual 200ml sized BPA-free packaging with its own straw.

BPA-free products were common when D was a little baby. BPA-Free bottles, drink cups and food containers were advertised widely and I started to look for the BPA-Free labels when I was purchasing new bottles for him. The scary part is that plastic is everywhere and we are not sure what it can do to our body. Yes, I am no saint either and do not check everything strictly. I purchased Thomas water bottles for them because of the licensed design and it was not BPA-free. But while at the brunch, I started thinking what exactly is getting into the boy’s diet through packaging, chemicals, GM foods and how it would affect them.  

Tropical flavour Juice pack slushie in action
The idea that organic was good for the boys and that was where it ended. It did not enter my head that toxic chemicals were everywhere in their food packaging. I put a few of them in the freezer as ice blocks for our 1 and a half hour trip to a picnic during Christmas. You can see D and Pickles look tired here. LOL! If you need an ice block in summer for you or your kids’ lunches, this is ace! The good thing about size of the product is that you can still purchase these packs if you live alone and do not want to purchase a 2litre bottle for yourself.

Sunraysia is 100% Australian owned if you are supporting Australian companies. During the product development of the juices, I was told that they spent many trips worldwide to search for a packaging company that could manufacture BPA-free. They also visited many fruit farms to ensure that the farmers were indeed strictly organic and could produce the quantities required for this. RRP for the juice packs are 5 for $5 or $1.49 each, and they are available from supermarkets nationally.

Sunraysia has kindly offered a prize pack worth $70 including 40 samples of the juices and an eco-shopper bag. Actually I now want another one of these packs! What you need to do to enter is email me porkchopsnest (at) gmail dot com the flavour of the Sunraysia juice that you most want to try and why. 

Oh hellloooo goodie pack!

The fine print 
Deadline: Friday 25th January 2013 midnight (Melbourne time)
Winner will be announced on this post and will be redrawn if they do not contact me within 5 days with their mailing address. Decision (mine) will be final and based on skill not luck. Care is taken for shipping the products to the winner but I am not responsible for damages that occur during shipping.

Winner Announced: Hannah C is the winner of this giveaway and I am waiting for her to provide her mailing address. 

So many flavours
Utterly delicious
Now which do I want to try?!
Really like the look of Tropical
All the fruits that I love in one handy pack
Yes, I think Tropical!
Samples galore, could I be so lucky?!!
I hope so!
Am excitedly awaiting the answer...


  1. They look so yummy! What a cute little juice parcel too. I want to freeze some, like the old school poppa!

    1. Oh yes they areeee.. They remind me of a juice that I used to have as a child. I don't know if you have this here. The name started with a C. You need to enter! :)

  2. I like the packaging. Reminds me of a product we used to have when I was a kid. I am gonna go get me some of these to relive those memories.

    1. Yes it starts with a C.. I cannot remember, I need to google!

  3. Yay, I entered, thanks for this comp!

  4. Entered! Love anything organic!

  5. Mmmm! Yum! Like a frozen slushie but healthy and organic!
    It's all about freerange and organic in our household!
    Handy pouches for travelling!

  6. Cute packaging! This looks so nice, I'd love to try the apple one! Yum!

  7. Thankyou!! I have emailed you with my mailing address :-D


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