Friday, January 4, 2013

Stalk my Noms: New Years Day

Run.. quick there are Chinese lining up there!
The boys' childcare was open on New Years' Eve so we went around the city at 11am and helped Vita who is trapped in paradise Noosa with no DJs nearby pick up a Shu Uemura eyeshadow palette... I am such a bad enabler! I have to admit that I fell asleep before midnight. I am sad aren't I? You might as well click the X button on this window now. LOL

What does one do on New Years' Day when everything is shut? You find an Asian joint .. chances are they are open as us Chinese we need to eat. We also eat out. I generalise a lot don't I? Another big generalisation statement, where are all the Asian places in the northern-east? Box Hill of course. Turns out most of Box Hill Plaza was closed as well. BigW did a roaring trade as did the supermarkets as they were the only shops open. Nothing else!!?

Haven't seen D in a high chair for more than a year!
Thankfully I spotted a line forming outside Food Republik. Quick! Chinese people lining up.. let's go. We stood in the sun briefly but the line moved quite fast. Food Republik is like a glorified food court. You can get Dessert Story, Crystal Jade dumplings, Taiwan Cafe and Bento all in one place. I am not sure why they gave D a high chair. D said but I'm a good boy. Then said he wanted to sit in it.. so in he went.

Mick wanted a green tea ice cream and red bean drink. This thing is like a dessert! For $7.20 ... it was really yummy though. D said he wanted Noo Noos (noodles) in soup and chicken on rice. This is the standard response everywhere we go when he looks at the menu.

Taiwan Beef Noodles
I think there was a long order list of popcorn chicken. We had the taiwan beef noodles almost immediately. This sparked out a yelling fest. I WANT NOO NOOSSS.. Soupppp Mummy. Had to make sure 4 bowls of noodles in soup was divided out. D kept asking for seconds on this, he had about 3 little bowls.

Popcorn Chicken Bento
The little plate of popcorn chicken arrived, followed by the popcorn bento. YUMMYYYY.. It started a 3 way fight for popcorn chicken between myself, Mick and Pickles. D carried on with the noo noos so he was out of the race. I looked down and though omg I ordered too much again. Have to say that the popcorn chicken was eaten and most of the rice too! D also had a bowl of rice. What on earth!?

Yoghurt and Mango Icey Poles
Then he tells me he wants yoghurt and mango pops in the afternoon. I am starting to wonder where he puts everything in his little belly.

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  1. I've got a little girl that I'm sure she has holes in her toes! Where does all that good go!!!
    She eats more than me fr breakfast every day without fail!!!
    Seriously these kids are going to send us broke!

  2. Noo noos!! I miss D :(

    Yes email me the pic please! Can I instagram it?

  3. Nothing was open on NY day except for Chinatown here too! It was a 40 degree day here so went went to a toddler water park. It's good your son has a good appetite though. I would prefer that my kids eat a lot (as long as they aren't overweight) than not eating anything.

  4. Hahaha! Again, I love your comments on Chinese people needing to eat! We struggled to find somewhere decent to eat and ended up at Es Teler 77. So much MSG!!!

  5. He is a little darling - boys will be boys!


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