Monday, January 28, 2013

The message is loud and clear

Ya know the universe is trying to tell you something when all of a sudden you have an influx of one thing. Well for me, it was anti-aging products. When you cannot think of anything worse on a weekend night than going out to some club where you pay $20 just to enter. You rather sit on your couch with a cup of tea instead and watch 1) bad reality TV 2) SATC for the 2000th time 3) some cooking show that you are catching up on 4) anything is better than standing around at an overpriced club with 18 year olds. Boom... the universe told me. You need anti-aging products Ling. No longer will normal range cut it.

La Clinica Anti-Aging range
First to land on the door step was the La Clinica Anti-Aging range. I am very excited about this because the cleansing oil and milk cleanser smells amazing. I would describe the smell as sweet-ish and floral but not overpowering. It doesn't give you a OMGAWD what is that overwhelming smell type of feeling. But I am my Mother's daughter. I cannot open a new thing if I do not finish the old one. This was kindly provided by Rita-Marie from La Clinica.
Antipodes NZ AntiAging kit

I had read about Antipodes NZ from several beauty blogs. It is featured as empties in a lot of their blogs and I thought oh wow... they have a RT competition on Twitter. So I RT and I fell off my chair in excitement as I won this pack. But.. I forgot that it was also an Anti-Aging pack that they were giving away. Oopss.. By this stage, I thought c'mon I am not aging right?? And proceeds to stare at myself in the mirror. Asian genetics and lack of eyelining plus eyeshadow use means I still look like a bit of alright?? Don't I?? Thanks to Antipodes NZ for this kit!

The final reality check... 
The final reality check came in the form of this freebie they were handing out at David Jones. I was out with Emma and Norlin at David Jones. Of all of us, the SA handed this to me first when we were walking towards the escalator. Ok I am not sure if this was because I am a purebred Singaporean Chinese and I gravitate towards anyone handing out freebies. Plus genetically I can smell a freebie being handed out from metres away. I looked down at the little tube after she gave it to me. Time Zone. Anti-Line/Wrinkle Eye cream. Ok seriously. The message is loud and clear.


  1. Don't worry! I've been handed out anti-aging stuff for years :p

  2. You don't need it yet Ling but prevention is key to almost never needing it! Just ask my mum - she turned 50 two weeks ago and looks incredible! ;)


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