Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Macro Organic Meat Competition

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The only Macro Food item that I had been purchasing were the chicken drumsticks from Woolworth's supermarkets for chicken and vegetable soup. I thought that they only stocked free range chicken products! Well.. I was wrong! At the Social Mums blogger event on Saturday, we had a chance to sample some of the sausages that they have in stock for Australia Day. So get your grills fired up for the sausage fest of a post here.

The sausages available to sample on the day was Lamb, Lamb and Mint and Mini Micro Beef. They asked D what he wanted, he just kept yelling I WANT SAUSAGEEE. So I picked a lamb sausage for both him and Pickles. Before this I honestly did not know that they had a sausage range! I stopped at 2 sausages but check out the BBQ picture above. Hello Sausage Fest. ;) I can say that D chomped down the entire thing including the bread so it is a tick in his books. 

I had been buying Macro free range chickens all this while as I do believe that free range and organic meat taste better. All of Macro branded products are made from certified organic meat from an organic farm with no preservatives. The feed of the animals is also organic and most importantly is from a free range farm. 

Just for Australia Day, from 23rd January to 5th of February Macro is offering the multi-pack discounts in Woolworth's supermarkets.

Macro Beef Sausages - 2 Packs for $11
Macro Beef & Tomato Basil Sausages - 2 Packs for $11
Mini Macro Burgers - 2 Packs for $13
Mini Macro Meatballs - 2 Packs for $13

D and his lamb sausage
When you purchase your Macro Organic meat this week, do not forget about the competition that they are holding at the moment. Remember that you gotta be innit to winnit! Send in your proof of purchase to Level 24, 1 York Street, Sydney 2000.


  1. I can never go past a sausage sizzle without wanting one! It's amazing the range they have these days compared to the plain beef or chicken snags I had growing up. I haven't tried this range yet as Woolworths is a bit of a trek for us but you may have convinced me!

    1. Yay! That's strange as there are so many Woolies near me. :) Hope you find them.

  2. The sausages were yummy. Never tried organic meat before...ok maybe at restaurants but "home" ones? Only free range chicken. Love that they weren't salty. Hate salty sausages.

    1. Yeap not salty. I have bought free range sausages from a farmer at the markets before. AMAHHZINGGG..

  3. One of the things I love about the veggies, fruit and meat in Australia and New Zealand is the freshness. As a matter of fact, sometimes it's so fresh it tastes odd to this California born and raised gal. But I agree, organic meat does take so much better!

    1. I agree with you there! :) It is really fresh here and amazing quality which I think we take for granted. Strawberries are $10 for a large punnet as they are imported from the US/Korea.


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