Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Pumpkin Carving

I come to eat your children
I have come to type this post with a puffy chest. Yah.. I am about to boast. Check out this pumpkin carving. Is that not cooler than the ones you see on the Martha Stewart show? At least on this blog post, there is no Martha Stewart interrupting her guest mid-sentence.

This is the first pumpkin that we have ever attempted. I use the word WE loosely as I clearly did not encourage or participate in this. If you read my posts here from November 2010. I declared cutting pumpkins as one of my hates in cooking. Mick came back with this pumpkin from Woolworths. He said it costs $11. I gave him the side glance like W.T.H. $11! Edited: Mick corrected me, it was about $20!! I thought he would not carve it and it would be sitting there rotting and mocking my pumpkin cutting skills. But look how well it turned out.

Carving WIP D says Oh Hai
This is the pumpkin carving work in progress. Tools used in this exercise was a hacksaw blade plus a bread slicing knife that had a jagged edge. Pickles is looking mighty serious here and D was posing for the picture. They got a bit bored after helping dig out the seeds and ran inside. But D told me he wanted to help with the pumpkin and went back out to carve the eyes and nose with the hacksaw blade with Mick guiding him. I am not sure how nobody has lost any fingers.

So it looks like I better prepare candy for tomorrow as we might get a few door knockers with this outside the house. How cool is that!


  1. That is very clever indeed and you made it sound very much like you had participated in that for the first paragraph haha

  2. Fantastic effort! I've never tried to carve a pumpkin - might just be inspired to give it a go next year :)

  3. awesome effort! I work with a couple of Amercians who are keeping the halloween tradition alive within the office..haha!

  4. It looks great! I love that teddy got in on the action too :P

  5. That pumpkin is awesome! I couldn't have done that without cutting off a hand, or at the very least a digit. Nicely done :) Love the wicked expression.

  6. The pumpkin looks awesome!!
    We've got a bowl full of candy ready to got but i need to grab something for the front door tonight. I saw some pre-carved ones at Coles the other day so i might cheat and grab one of them ;)


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