Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Claw: BYS Graffiti Stick it to the Man (Purple)

I was asked by Fashion Addict to review this BYS Graffiti range.. Sure, why not? The Claw needs to get the colour on.

The Graffiti range comes in 6 colours - blue, green, gold, violet, red and purple. I received the Purple and Red which are very claw colours. Fashion Addict retails them for $8.95 which includes the activator which has a really thin brush and you can free hand your design on.

I am using the purple one today and you can get it here from Fashion Addict -
Claw before activator
So this is the claw before any activator was painted on. I painted on 2 coats and a base coat. Speaking of which I need a base coat now. I had been trying to work out what I would paint on. I do not usually do nail art so this was kind of fun. As the brush is very thin and long, the best thing to do was straight lines and criss cross patterns. I had read on MadeUpMaiden not to put on a Top Coat as changed the graffiti and made it all one colour - activated/deactivated something or other I am guessing LOL. So I repeat, do not use a top coat!

Activator Criss Cross

Claw on a something plant which I really don't know
So these are my finished product. Ta Da.. The index finger was the first one I did and I removed as much as I could of the activator off the brush as advised by MakeUp4MyAge and the effect is a little lighter. The middle finger - just ignore me I was trying to just do swirls or something. The ring finger I had more activator on the brush and it made darker 'highlights'.

On the thumb, I tried to do a ribbon motif and it sort of made me laugh. Nothing on the little finger just to keep that in comparison.

Happy Flowers ohhh look purple!
So nail art is not usually my thing. But this was easy to do and a fun thing to play with. I think you can have an accent nail by just applying top coat to one nail. The good ol' accent nail :)  Have fun with the graffiti!

BYS is available at discount stores and


  1. Looks interesting, less messy than trying to do it with another colour I suppose :-)

  2. I think this looks fabulous, love how you put the claw next to shrubs and flowers for added impact! I think the ring finger is my favourite!

    I am currently using the Poshe basecoat, it works a treat! The OPI and Revlon double twist have also been good ones in the past. :)

  3. I love your claws! This purple is perfect.

  4. This looks really cool!
    I agree the purple metallic is very much a 'claw' colour!

  5. I actually loved the subtle effect of your nail art. I think this is something I could wear everyday!! :)

  6. Great job! The criss-cross patterns look effective (and subtle at the same time) if that makes sense! I need to try my polish again using just one colour for a full mani :)


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