Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Birthday Outfit & Lots of Spoils

Target Birdy Top
Oh hai.. if you follow me on Instagram and Twitter get ready to snooze. As you know I am usually 1 week behind in posts in relation to events. This was from last Thursday. But anywayz, bear with me while I give you the run down as promised. This top was from Target. Yes Target, I now buy more of my work clothing from them. Asos is too hit and miss and their cotton dresses a little too thin and short.

G2000 Skirt excuse the yellow tinge
There is a big story with this skirt. I bought it in 2008 in June. It was from G2000 in Singapore and I was on my lunch break when I bought a few pieces from there. There are usually affiliations with credit cards for stores in Singapore. I think I used my Amex card for 15% off. The thing is, you usually get penalised in Australia if you use your Amex not get a discount! I had not worn this skirt for more than a year. Why? Because I had to hem by hand as the stitching had totally fallen out. It went into the I cannot be bothered pile and when I did, it took hours because I had so many pieces to hand stitch.

Hurro surprise Anniversary Present

The mail man from work walked enthusiastically to my desk with the Roses Only box. I think he secretly love doing this... why would he not? Anyway, all the ladies at work went Oooohhhhh and everyone looked up. When we decided to get married on my birthday, Mick promised that he would not get me one gift and use that as a gift for both events. But I was still shocked when I saw them. Yes I was that woman on the train carrying a big machine gun hiding box of roses.

And the boys gave me this necklace in the morning. I sort of steered them towards this direction at Georg Jensen. It was between this or the Rose Gold pearl Sphere collection. I am also hoping that nobody thinks I am flaunting. We had a few hard years financially, I'm not even sure why I did not return to full time work earlier. But anyway, I do not think that we bought each other presents for the last 3 anniversaries or birthdays due to different things being required first. This is what having kids is like people and nobody really tells you these truths on their blog right? Well I might spill one day.  


  1. Aw, why shouldn't you flaunt?! It is totally gorgeous!

    Lady Bear

  2. I like that you can flaunt while wearing Target!

    I think you should enjoy the finer things in life, why not?

  3. For a while there I thought I'd got it wrong when I wished you a happy anniversary instead of happy birthday. Both on the same day - okay I've got it! The roses are lovely xo

  4. Lucky you to be celebrating both your birthday and anniversary on the same day!

    The necklace is really beautiful, you should definitely flaunt what you're proud of wearing :)

    Not a lot of women would like to speak the truth about anything negative, but I'd read yours if you decide to write.

    1. Sorry i didn't mean to put negative in there lol my mistake!

  5. Happy Birthday slash Anniversary!!


  6. Such a cute top, love it! Happy Birthday :)

  7. sweet! And yes, I totally understand what you mean by not getting anything extravagant because of the kids. Got them too and it wasn't until say...11 years later that I got an "upgrade" for my wedding ring for my anniversary present. Love the roses, the pendant and the top! Yep, Target shopper here too!

  8. Love it all :-) I like that you got married on your birthday, makes the day extra special :-) and means Mick should never ever forget it!

  9. AAAAH the Birdy top is so cute!

  10. Gorgeous roses! And that necklace is stunning, I would be flaunting it too. My parents got married on my mum's birthday too, I think it was definitely a sneaky plot by my father so he didn't have to buy two presents! haha x

  11. Thanks everyone! It's more of a I didn't want this to be one of those OMGAWD look at all these things that I have type of flaunting. LOL

    But yes true.. oh look Georg Jensen. Tarjay clothes. HAHAH


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