Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Anniversary Present to Mick

I do not usually know what to buy for Mick but I always deliver! High performance delivered right here. Boomtish. It is usually something that he does not expect and he would love it.

So thanks to EtailQueen who suggested Mr Porter. Oh .. of course! He had been playing with the Mr Porter app - for whatever reason he had it!? And I thought hey he would love dress shoes. So off to investigate shoes. After consultation with the fashion men of Twitter, I decided on these Paul Smith shoes.

Paul Smith goodies
However the problem is this - sizing. I have no idea on the size. UK, US, AUS sizing, my gut instinct said one thing but he claims to be another size. Ok fine, whatever ... I get 7.5. Yeah we have small feet in this family :)

Then I waited.. patiently... more patience required.. 2nd Oct departing Heathrow 7am. Ok great.. 3rd October. Departing Heathrow 7am. Ok ... 4th October. Departing Heathrow 7am. At 3.30pm I gave up and rang DHL. This is not the first time my NAP group package departed Heathrow but in fact never left.

5th October - I see that it's on board delivery van. That's just fantastic because I AM NOT IN THE OFFICE for delivery. That's just awesome because all week I went in thinking it might arrive. No.. it arrives on a day that I did not work in the office. Mail room would lock the package up for me I thought.. no problems. I get an email -> Package Arrival - Friday October 5 It is from MRP and is 52cm x 25cm x 66cm and weighs almost 5kg. It's on the mail bench.

What on earth is this shoe made of? I instant messaged him and asked if it was shoes. He said yes they were. But I thought how can it be half a meter?!! So what do I do? I drive all the way into the office to pick it up. Look at the size difference of the two boxes. I laughed my head off and trooped off carrying this massive box back to the car. It was so big, I had difficulty in moving through the revolving doors and security gate.

Mick somehow thought omg what on earth is in that massive box. He opens it and starts laughing. Sad end to the story - I had to return the shoes as they were TOO BIG and he needed what I thought I should have bought - size 7. It was showing Hurry One Left when I ordered. So guess what? I cannot exchange it but have to be given a refund.

Sigh... so I just placed another Paul Smith order direct from the designer's site. I'm wondering if they ship via DHL now.... They better not be.


  1. Oh shame! All that excitement in the shopping and then to hve to return it!

  2. Oh my, what a shame they didn't fit after all that effort. :(

    Still, it was the thought that counts and they do look like lovely shoes. :) Hope you have better luck with the next pair!

    Happy anniversary again!


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