Thursday, October 18, 2012

Current Lemmings: Bags and Nails

I have just been complaining how much money I had been spending lately. And then boom..
Shopbop you know I love you.. Thanks for the 20% off code. But really your timing is so bad. I tried to tell myself to stay away. But I had been eyeing this shoulder bag for ages. I only have totes or clutches and honestly totes are too big for the weekend but clutches too cumbersome if I have to carry a child. My DIG BFF asked if I could recommend a shoulder cross body bag for her recently and I thought of Rebecca Minkoff and Marc by MJ immediately. I had a happy customer with Rebecca Minkoff. The problem was, I also wanted one. Good thing I do not buy retail price for many things and I held off. So this is getting on a plane for me now. But that is if DHL can deliver .. lol. Let's not go there.
Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Navy
Then there's the ever growing lemming for pastel nail polishes. I have been intrigued by this ever since I saw them on Makeupnet's Twitter and Facebook feeds. These are very claw colours don't you think? $65 for all 7 colours from

Lime Crime Lemming Image via
And been wanting this foreverrrrrr... I think i love all the pastels this year and I haven't got any YET!!
BTW is anyone else liking the OPI Man with the Golden Gun? How amazing does it look?

Image via


  1. Oooh pastel polishes! I just went and bought 4 bottles of FOA pastels at lunch - I'm definitely feeling this pastel vibe too! Can't wait to see The Claw dressed in pretty pastels :)

  2. Oh bugger! I deleted that shopbop email... Now I feel like I have to go look.........

  3. I want pastels! I finally saw some FOA ones yesterday but the stand was decimated. :(

    I love the look of that bag and also the polishes! Soo jelly! :)

  4. Just bought a baby blue and soft yellow shade from FOA today...not form their new pastel collection but their Luxe collection. Can't wait to try them out and wave it in front of you...via the interwebs of course! :p

  5. Looooooove those nail polishes!

  6. I've seen some swatches of the lime crime, they look sooo perty!


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