Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Got my CLAW on Estee Lauder

OMG I have to confess that I am a total tight wad with makeup. I like the stuff however due to not using much of it. I do not buy retail in Australia EVER. I repeat EVER. I usually shop at duty free or in Singapore.
So I came across this VIP code for Estee Lauder's online shop. I thought oh I need powder as my MAC had hit pan. Ooohh free shipping and Gift with Purchase? Ok thank you!

How did I spend $68 on this!? This is Estee Lauder Aeromatte pressed powder in Light Medium Cool. I don't even know if this is my colour lol.. It was a yeah looks kinda right!

Is it me or does everyone think of Estee Lauder as their mother's makeup? I remember raiding her GWP lipsticks and mascara when I was growing up. And Pleasures! Who can forget Beautiful and Youth Dew. Vom Vom now but back then it was totally hot.

This is the GWP and it includes a makeup remover, double wear eyeliner, mascara, some eyeshadow which I know I will not use :P, Idealist skin refinisher, Hydrationist Maximum Moisture creme and a lipstick in a lovely name called Pink Parfait. ROFL ... how motherly is that name?

Ok it looks like my GWP will be put on feeBay shortly! I knew I would not use anything in this GWP but yet I got sucked in. WHYYYYY!!! Anyone else fell "victim" to GWP? Please confess here and make me feel better!


  1. Me! I avoid Myer and DJ when there are GWPs and try my best to avoid Priceline during GWPs. The GWPs are only sometimes good, but I just can't seem to control myself when there's something for free even though I end up not using it. Gah :(

  2. Replies
    1. GWP= Gift with purchase.
      MAC is the brand of make up.
      I only figured out what GWP by re-reading the post over and over lol, im not a big make up wearer :)

  3. I fell victim too Ling! I actually bought two EL items so I'll be getting two GWPs (I thought I might be able to give one to a sister/friend etc)!

    However I only bought the pencil sharpener at $15. So I only spent $30 all up for two GWPs. I haven't received them yet, hopefully I can make use of them!

  4. I get sucked in too. I usually chuck a lot of stuff or give it away.


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