Thursday, April 26, 2012

Outfit Hall of Shame Round 2

The claw - which is wearing Suzi sells sushi by the seashore - had been BAD. I clicked on the VIP code that offers 15% off from ASOS. Seriously how can you not go straight to the 70% off section and giggle at the clothes? Again this is outfit hall of shame. If you're game to wear these and pull it off. Kudos to you. But us mere mortals cannot.

How bad are these? Of course it is the 1980s and we all want Happy Pants again. GBP14 for a saggy butt that comes included. When there is that much fabric around your bum, Heidi Klum will proclaim that you are OUT.

No words. Sheer silk pants where I can see seams. And a big diaper thing that goes up to your waist underneath. Mad men gone on LSD tripping outfit. GBP123 for this honour, get thee to Darn Cheap Fabric in Heidelberg and grab some fabric to wrap yourself in.

When the model is dressed in a sack ... both on top and at the bottom and looks bad. You know you are wasting your money buying this. I swear my grandma sewed something like this for herself. She is 91. Ok that's all for outfit hall of shame.. until next time.

While out collecting mail.. but only got bombarded by houses For Sale brochures, the Claw decided to visit new lemon tree shoots. How cute and matching!

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  1. The last pair look like fisherman pants! And the second pair are just ghastly! No wonder these things are on sale!


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