Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh oopps the weekend just flew past.. and now it's Wednesday!

Oh hurro.. due to every deadline looming around the same time for me the last two weeks.
I had been drowning.. Yes drowning.

So phew.. finally I have a chance to write. Cough type. Who writes anymore? What is a pen and paper?

Last weekend, I was stalking my ShopBop package. Yes I ordered again! But I am sure that everyone would know it was because there was a 20% off code with free shipping last week. Yes 20% off everything! OMGawd. Marc by MJ mouse flats anyone? Yes please?! It became a big hunting spree with my work mates. OMG what do you think of these sunnies? OMG what about this scarf? OMG OMG OMG Did you see this? It looks like the Hermes bangle. So ... guess what I ended up buying? The Marc by MJ ring did not fit me so I had the replacement in my cart for the longest time. I would browse, find nothing, close browser.. Repeat and rinse. Therefore I can confirm that good things come to those who wait. I bought these oversized aviators for Mick. D had broken his aviators and you should have seen his face. It was ages ago - at least half of D's lifetime ago. ROFLLLL.. but still. You know it's Mick, he doesn't replace things himself. So I managed to shut my trap long enough about the surprise. I did show him the pictures to "ask his opinion of aviators for myself".... he believed me even though he knew it was odd I was asking him about aviators for myself.

Reminiscing how sunny it was last weekend.. Do not judge what I am wearing people.. Don't be mean! Went to Mitre10 -> you can see how well I fit in (only in the lounge chair section).

And you will not believe how many hours I spent on Saturday researching and finding bloody DOONA COVERS FROM THE INTERWEBS. I was a woman possessed! Possessed!! I don't even know how I did not know that I am practically around the corner from the Bed Bath and Table outlet store! For some unknown reason I always thought that The Works in Hawthorn where I used to live was an outlet. DO NOT ASK WHY! Guess what I bought for $25! Lucky me $20 cover and managed to find matching pillow cases. They told me that I was out of luck with that but I stumbled on the pillow cases. The boys ran up and down the store pretending they were fire engines. And then tried to grab the Easter decorations. Back to this subject - who buys Easter decorations?

So got my domestic goddess on after sheet shopping and made popovers. They look like muffins but really they are bready like. It's the American version of Yorkshire puddings and they are eaten hot with butter and jam. SO GOOD. 

Also what a shame - when I opened the 1200TC pillow cases. Well what I thought was a pillow case SET was actually A PILLOWCASE. The shame.. now I gotta go all the way back and browse some more. Oh the shame. Anyone else has a sheet shopping obsession? I killed mine as it was such a habit. Buy buy buy buy.... If you knew me from a  few years back. You would not recognise the tight arse that I am now.

On this cold and windy/rainy day that I typed this. D decided he wanted to give Mummy a rose. So he went shopping for a rose in our bedroom where a bunch of these yummy smelling roses given to me by Mick were. Everyone => Awww....

Seriously though .... I cannot believe I only just found the Bed Bath and Table outlet! WHAT!!


  1. I gotta try ShopBot!! Thanks for ur recommendation on Booko!!! Life changing!

    Ok, so on Sunday I wanted to go to that shanghai dumpling place, so I found the number on google and rang them. They said they open till 10pm.

    Drove to city, walked to 342 Lt Bourke and found the shop closed. Frustrated I called again. They kept insisting they were open and I was arguing that they were closed as I was standing right outside.

    I thought the girl on the phone was an idiot because she didn't even know the address so I hung up and drive to their other shop on La Trobe cos I thought she must have been confused.

    La Trobe St was also closed! Wtf!!!!!!! I kept yelling "stupid Asian dumpling girl" in the car,... Then i checked the number I called,,, it was for the dumpling house on Lt Bourke St, number 112. FML I called the wrong Shanghai dumpling house.

  2. I think I need to give ShopBot a go!

    And D is such a good boy! That is so sweeeeeeeet! xx

  3. Ladies.. i ran to the computer thinking that I had misspelt for Shopbot.

    Everyone repeat after me. Shopbop.

    If anyone wants a referral let me know - declaration I get $20 I think. LOL xx

  4. i love that he got you a rose!!! yess!! kids gonna be a heartbreaker!


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