Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wardrobe Decluttering.. SELL SELL!

Alright I have been searching for my tape measure for AGES. I cannot sell on eBay without measurements as you know.. people will be like blah blah blah I need to know the measurements.

Other than the standard baby items, I find that clothing is not going very well on eBay.. maybe I just have lousy stuff? I don't know!! Just getting ready a bag and wedges that I never wore to go on eBay. I really hate finding brand new with tag items lying around the house. It makes me want to cry.

Reading some forums and the word on the street is that sellers are leaving FeeBay and consequently buyers are also leaving as there are no good stuff anymore. I was wanting to get something across to Melbourne and sell on eBay but I am not very committed at this point as I wonder what is the point.

What are your thoughts? How is your eBay selling going and where is everyone listing these days? Oztion or whatever it is called now pretty much never took off as anticipated (I think).


  1. Hmm. I'm selling on eBay ATM too. No where near as good as it used to be.
    Have a heap of baby stuff to put on but not sure if it's worth it.
    Not sure what other $$$ making avenues to take.

    1. not exactly the right place (sorry Ling) but what baby stuff are you trying to sell - I've bought quite a bit of late....
      Ling, do you have a reserve that you want met? Tried gumtree but don't find it that good and not sure what other options there are out there - if you find out let us know

  2. Have you tried ASOS Marketplace? I haven't bought or sold on there, but they sent me an email about it...

  3. I just listed everything really low.

    Based on the vogue sell/swap facebook page, luxury items aren't selling well atm.

    Make sure you list your ebay name for us to trawl ur stuff :-)

  4. Dear Ling,

    I would give them all away to Vinnies. For me, the joy of seeing needy people being happy far outwieghs any minimal financial gain.

    1. Of course it is! There is little (hardly anything worthwhile) gain in listing on feeBay and also the efforts far outweighs monetary gain. If I can find a womens shelter where I can bring my things directly to them I would drive it down myself. My problem with St Vinnies are the prices that they charge is no longer viable for the homeless or needy to shop there. I understand that it's a biz like everything else these days. Where do you draw the line I'm wondering?

  5. Oh a womens shelter is a great idea, I hope you find one!

    Also, you’ve won a prize in my giveaway – let me know your address, etc. via



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