Friday, April 13, 2012

Shopbop Rocks!

Ok I am late to the game.. I always look at ShopBop and Revolve Clothing but do you think I actually order anything? No I don't. I look, I add to cart then I delete.

So it was the long weekend, it is Easter Good Friday. What does one do when all physical stores are shut? You jump online. I wanted this ring so badly that I told Mick you are buying it for me. He said ok. I do not think I have actually done this ever in my life. It's $68 I can buy it myself but anyway, he is happy to do the ordering and at the same time told me go choose something else. Ok then, I add something else and had 3 things in my cart. I am nuts about Marc by Marc Jacobs. I love this stuff, why has nobody told me it is so cute? Have I been living under a rock?

The order was placed on Friday (Melbourne time) and I have to say I was shocked that it was shipped the next day and arrived at my doorstep on Tuesday! ... literally. DHL guy decided he would leave it at the door, knock and run off. So sad part is, this ring is TOO BIG. I have managed to palm it off to my friend who is going to gift it to her SIL (lucky SIL). Ooppps looks like I have to place another ShopBop order!

Check out the bracelet, I am loving this bracelet sick! It's huge and tacky.. also described by my friend as very Asian. LOL! Also ordered an iPhone cover, the heart one will post pics!

It has been one of those tiring days so I am relieved to be blogging about stuffs. Sometimes I just need stuffs. Have also received my Juicy Couture phone cover. Ignore mess on my desk.


  1. omg i saw your post and i jumped on shopbop and got 2 pairs of earrings!!

    1. OMG what did you buy!?? Shareee....

    2. I bought 2 pairs of the Marc by Marc Jacobs earrings! (the zipper and another one) Omg can't believe it was posted right away!

    3. OMG i want the round ones that are pink and says Marc by Marc Jacobs.. I need another $32 for free shipping otherwise it's $10 for shipping one ring! URGHHHH.. we should have shared an order.

  2. Spoilt :)

    I love the bracelet ! Shame the ring didnt' fit :(


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