Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mad Men and my reaction to Betty's character

Picture above is from Guardian UK website

Ok seriously ... How.good.is.Mad.Men? Just like how good is it? I have not really been into the Mad Men fashion but honestly I have missed it terribly! How can they take such a long hiatus. It was almost the equivalent of my youngest son's lifetime! HOW COULD THEY!

I used to be really upset with myself and my reaction at Betty's character. But I went back to Season 1 and started watching it again as seriously there has been nothing on Australian free to air TV. Season 1 was when she was all peaches and cream and thought Don was the best thing since sliced bread. She was also softer to her children in her aloof way. I felt upset with myself because I knew I was suppose to be on Betty's side. Poor Betty, she is at home all day with the children. Don goes out, stays out, does not come home and yet have affairs with every woman and her dog included. When Betty had her fun, I was getting angry.. and more angry at her. But I kept telling myself that the problem was Don but still .. it was poor Don and Sally. Poor Don doesn't get to see his youngest baby. I don't know what the problem is. I think it was because she was also so mean to her children and so cold. Anyone else had this reaction to Betty as well?

Meanwhile I am loving this season sick. What are your thoughts on Megan? I have missed laughing at this series with their drinking and smoking. I giggle when the Doctors are smoking while seeing patients. Pregnant women having alcohol and smoking like a chimney. Imagine doing this today! IN PUBLIC!


  1. BETTY: I cracked up laughing when I saw Betty's debut in season 5... she looks so funny fat, like shes wearing a fat suit! It looks comical!

    MEGAN: I love Megan, I am in love with her teeth! She reminds me of Jess Hart!!

    DON: I hated him so much in Season 1 when he was banging around... but then some how, somewhere into the series, I started to feel sorry for Don... I started making excuses for his behavior "oh his mum was a hooker, she died in childbirth... so he's troubled"... but if he was my man I would kill him!! But in Mad Men he is so sexyyyy

  2. I loved the return of Joan and Peggy - joan for her to die for dresses, and Peggy for ripping Roger off...


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