Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oh how I love Sunday afternoons

I am sure that everyone loves Sunday afternoons.
This is what I did Sunday afternoon.. how exhilarating! Really. I am excited.

You know you open your wardrobe and think oh wow I have nothing to wear. It is because I truly had nothing to wear. Not because I had lack of the number of clothing. But it was all crumpled and sitting in a dusty pile of "TBIs" - To Be Ironed. Seriously. I hate it. I am not sure why I thought it would be a good idea to buy so many cotton shirts. Oh yay look Ralph Lauren is having a sale. I need yet another cotton shirt because it is on sale.

Seriously look at how I spent Sunday afternoon? Meanwhile, Mick and D were outside trying to keep up with the washing. And guess what L did... draw black texta all over the floor and on himself. He was smudged all over in black ink and smudged Mick as well when he was discovered.

How do you manage your ironing? Do it every week? Obviously I do the opposite and pile it up high until I resign myself to spending at minimum an hour on it all. Seriously ... not cool. Wished that I could outsource this but I do not have enough to send out!


  1. I outsource mine- it's my most hated chore. I pile it up for a month then send it off- a basket is about $40, so worth it!

    1. OMG a month .. $40.... I think i can stretch a month! Do you ever worry your clothes come back burnt etc?

  2. Oh I hate it! I usually iron the clothes I need for the day in the morning. I don't even bother with my toddler but I'm sure that will change when she gets older. And my husband does his own. Your Sunday will drive me crazy!

  3. Oh, you wild child, you!! ;)

    I can't iron. I try to purchase mainly iron-free clothing. And the rest I get my boyfriend to do! Haha


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