Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Oh the Claw in Singapore

Oh hai again.. still in Singapore. I have the worst hair ever in this country. There is absolutely nothing that I can do short of sitting all day and night in an airconditioned room. Even then it looks crazy. It is flat, frizzy and lord knows what is going on with the ends.

So I have bought stuff. I am such a retail scrooge in Australia it is not funny. But here it is ok! I made a trip to Sephora to check if they stocked Tarte as I was asked on Twitter to see if I could get it here for her. No luck with Tarte but I got to relive my teenage years playing with Urban Decay. Anyway, most posts on stuffs I bought when I get back - I might buy more. LOL

Here I am clawing the Louis Vuitton clutch that Mum has decided to give me. She said that she has used it once or twice in the last 4 years that she owned it. Thank you very much! Louis Vuitton and free are great combinations in one single sentence.

What else do people do in Singapore other than eat and shop? And shop and shop? And then eat some more? Really...


  1. umm yes to all of the above. except the hair whatnot. whats happened to your hair?
    FREE wallet LV yes please.
    take photos of what you're eating tooo!!! xx

    1. OMG the food! Truffle dumplings.
      With food it is usually crazy busy trying to feed one child and entertain the other. We usually forget!

    2. truffle dumplings!!! biaaaaatch!!!! nom nom nom. ha i can imagine feeding hour with your seagulls ;) haha

  2. I can't wait to see all the stuff you bought!!!

    And like Nat, I also want to see what you're eating!


  3. Urban Decay, A|X and Zara :)
    Plus Korres HAHAH love it.

  4. Apart from eating and shopping, they get fined,talk money and who's got a better car, chew gum and litter the moment they get over the Causeway.

  5. That clutch is gorgeous, can't believe your mum wasn't using it!

  6. Try to find some A/C to stop sweating bucket loads? Not sure what else they do...but I can spend a week on Orchard road!


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