Sunday, October 9, 2011

Caramel Slice

I made Caramel Slice using the Exclusively Food recipe. Great site by the way!
Of course mine looks really different to their pictures. I have managed to over-caramelise the caramel of course.

Their description, it should be brown on the edges compared to mine - which was brown all over. I think this is why it was so hard to slice. I had to bring out the big guns and dig around for my chinese cleaver. Anyway the results were still nom nom. However I have never made a caramel slice before. Is what I made considered 'normal'? Or is it a matter of preference?

Caramel getting cooked on the stovetop.

This is the caramel layer after I pulled it out of the oven. Please let me know if I did it all wrong.


  1. Oh I agree it was yum.. I have never eaten a caramel slice before. Do not judge me.

  2. nope, looks fine to me. Unless it is so caramelised that it is rock solid or burnt then I think you're on the right track! Yummo!


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