Sunday, October 16, 2011

My shoes got an outing

You know how you want all these things and you think you want them but you do not really ever need or really have a use for them anyway? Well that is the story of my shoes. I wore Manolo Blahniks on my wedding but they were just ones that I had kicking around. There are also several pairs of brand new shoes that have never been worn. Manolos and one is an LV sandal. My husband thinks that I should stop buying anymore. I have stopped buying, but I have not and will not stop looking online. I just want to look!

And you know how you get into a cycle of going to work and coming home to the comforts of just being at home? I am so lazy, I cannot get out of this cycle. There are some nights that going to pole dancing is too difficult and that is something that I really enjoy. So I was forwarded the invitation for Frocktober Get your Frock on event. It was at Myer Mural Hall. I sent it to some other people who I thought would be interested. So off we go and get our tickets. Food, drinks, fashion show. What's not to like. I pack my Christian Louboutins Very Prive with me because I knew that if I do not wear something like this at this event, I will NEVER wear them. I bought them when D (Pork Chop) was about 2 months old. They went out once at a wedding. I could not even push his pram. I got stuck halfway on the road and someone had to come get him. LOL

The theme for the night is indeed pain for beauty. I could not feel my toes at the end of the night. But seriously, it is fun to get out of the cycle once in a while. The venue was spectacular. The Myer Mural Hall was designed to showcase fashion in 1920s. It retains the beautiful art deco style finishings. Check out the stairs on the main runway!

I wore a black Ralph Lauren shirtdress with gold zips.. Hey it is in Melbourne and there was a fashion show! The shirtdress was ordered from on sale, thank goodness for online shopping.

The drinks and dessert were chomped under these spectacular chandeliers. How decadent! Loved it, but I could not feel my toes afterwards. And I think I staggered a little as they were slightly too big. But pain for beauty! The runway models were also wearing sky high wedges that were too big. I think I fit right into the big picture.


  1. I second that. Black being very versatile; buy rubber insoles and break 'em in! =D

  2. I love themmmmm too ladies. I bought insoles but I do not think they cut it. I will research some more on forums!


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