Monday, October 10, 2011

The crazy hunt for Coconut Oil

This is insane, so I told you guys how long it took to hunt down Coconut oil. I kept forgetting to go to the health food store in the city. And I tried to find it in Doncaster who told me that the minute they get any stock, it flies out the door. So I checked online but it was not worth the shipping costs. I call a health food store that gave me attitude for daring to interrupt them as there was only one person in the store. I just wanted to check if they had any in stock! I bought my jar and carried it all the way back in my hand - these places do not give plastic bags!

And guess what! I find the exact same brand, same size same everything in my local Leo's Supermarket that I go to every week. For much cheaper and readily available! EPIC!

The stuff is really good. Just a secret but do not tell anyone (har har!). Everytime I scoop some out for cooking and push the solid goodness off the spoon and there's some stuck on my finger I use it on myself as a moisturiser. ROFL... cooking and skincare regime all in one!


  1. I have that exact same bottle (smells SO GOOD) and use it on my hair hehe! TRRRRRRRRRY IT.

  2. Em my friend swears black and blue that the coconut oil helped grow her hair like super fast.
    OMG this thing is a miracle food.

  3. I have to buy some! Everyone's been talking about it lately.

  4. holy crap, I need to use mine more often then!


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