Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pole Classes

I had the benefit of being in a very small class lately. The maximum is 4 students and 1 teacher.
The difference was amazing. It felt like I was attending private classes without the 100% attention on me. I could still do my own thing but be in a place where I could ask for help if I need and had the time to ask for help!

Maybe it was because all of us in the class got along very well. You know how you end up sticking to one same class all the time because of it? I guess I know why now. But I always tell people to change teachers if they can. Otherwise they end up with the nemesis trick that they cannot get. Teachers explain things differently for the tricks so you might have someone else say something that just works for you.

Also loving my new shoes that I got. I bought silver glitter 7inch shoes. I have never worn 7inch heels before, only 6 ... oh it is such mindset that I cannot wear higher than 6. Which is really completely funny as I was one of the first in my studio (back in the days) to put 6inch heels on and get laughed at by others. Oh how things have changed! People wear 6inch heels out to clubs these days. ROFL!

Cannot wait till I see my Team MILFs again on Tuesday night. :)


  1. Sounds like you're really enjoying yourself :)

    So true about the shoes and clubs haha!

  2. Yeah what's with the clubs and 6inch heel wearing ladies? I'm also in awe of a colleague who wears them to work. Like WOW.. HOW!

    I think i need to word this post better mandstare. Should not just post in haste. ROFL

  3. Where are you taking your classes?



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