Thursday, September 22, 2011

Coconut Oil

What is it with coconut oil? Miranda Kerr raves about it and the health food stores tell me that they can barely keep the stuff on the shelf?

Does anyone else use this for cooking and slathering all over themselves? I have gone to 2 places to get hold of a jar. 300ml jar for $9.95 this stuff is not cheap. Please be fixing my dodgy heels from years of wearing dodgy heels.

Anyone else is using it? A close friend of mine thinks it's gold, she swears by it and covers herself head to toe and cooks with it. She gets a big tub for $10 as the health food store bottles it themselves. I am beginning to think that I am the only one that is getting ripped off here. She gets shellac nails for $20 and I have to pay $40 down the road. She lives in SYDNEY!!!

Please be telling me your coconut oil adventures!


  1. I've never used the stuff, but whilst reading your post I had a funny image of someone pouring the oil in a pot of cooking, and then pouring the rest over themselves haha :)

  2. My friend Amanda uses it in smoothies (she posted about it here:

    I've never had it but I looooove coconut. Sadly I don't think the oil smells strongly of it? I'm interested in this product though:

  3. Ok I have been cooking with this stuff and it is lookinggg goodddd. :) It smells lightly of coconut when you first put the oil in and it melts from solid to liquid. The food looks shinier. I will have to slather myself with this stuff and report back.

  4. - tanning
    - overnight hair treatment
    - before & after shaving legs
    - salads

  5. Isn't it perfect? Honey i didn't spend money on myself. This is for cooking!!


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