Thursday, June 9, 2011

You cannot control the events ...

But you can control the reaction ... This was my takeaway from International Womens' Day 2011. I remember running in with excitement. Ok there was free food but I always LOVE IWD because it was a chance where we get together as women and we do a camaraderie pow-wow thing. I am also biased in this year's IWD as it was lead by one of my favourite SEs. As usual she looked amazing and she has the best shoes!

So I am sitting there while this guy who is powered by a carton of V PLUS caffeine went on his rally speech. It was about events and how we cannot control the events but we can control our reaction.

That is something that I believe we all should remember and try to put into practice. Instead of being angry what what we cannot control, perhaps we should try to look at it at a different angle. Well that's my daily (trying to) post for Project Positivity. What have you done to control your reaction to negative events? Would love to hear from my readers.

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