Monday, June 20, 2011

Pursuing Apple Crumble - Winter Foods

I can remember distinctively the start of obsessing about apple crumble. I was teaching pole that Saturday and I must have had a function or something. I went home and Mick had cooked a really nice apple crumble made. He winged it and did not follow a recipe. Every apple crumble after that was just not as good as that one. And we never knew why. He tried adding oats, almond meal and everything.
The funny thing is, I have never made one as I do not like rubbing the butter into the flour - don't ask. I think it's a throwback of fearing pastry. So I stumbled on this recipe from Exclusively Food. I used 4 small Granny Smiths, I might use 5 small ones next time. And I used a food processor to get the butter into the flour. It worked a treat - so easy. The hardest part really is getting the apples peeled and chopped into pieces.
My first series in Winter Foods, this is the time of the year where I get cooking. Hope to blog more soon :)

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