Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kylie Minogue in Melbourne

Was anyone there on the first night - 14th of June? I was there in my $150 seat. I think this was cheaper than Britney. But my goodness this girl can put on a show.
I was in my usual mood of "I do not want to go out, I want to hibernate at home". So I felt like this the entire day -> :|

I tweeted my mehness and someone assured me that Kylie will rock it. And she did! She was amazing! Wet and slippery dancers in aerial shows accompanied her. Kylie has her own slaves! She has SLAVES pulling her in a gold chariot. It was amazing. She did a fantastic version of "Slow" which was in a big band style and had her dances holding fans as the stage she was standing on liftd up and rotated. Even the dancers were belted down with sequined belts. Everything glittered and everything was gold.

The next day I channeled Kylie. I wore a dark navy dress with a gold glomesh belt and silver Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. <3 that look and I don't care if I was mismatched. I just realised that I have gold shoes, will wear them together next time.

The lovely @theaussieword was also there on the 14th and cheered me on during the day about my mehness before the concert. Check out his awesome picture on his blog and a video and picture gallery soon.

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