Thursday, June 9, 2011


Do you remember when you used to watch every headlining movie when it was released? I miss those days. I am finding the same stuff all the time. Sequels, remakes and cartoons .. I am guessing movies do not make money these days with piracy, file sharing etc. But honestly I think I have gone off movies. I have a Quickflix account - no fines, no late charges etc. They deliver to your door how good is that! I am browsing the site and trying to find something decent to add to my queue and there is nothing.

What's everyone watching these days? Reality TV? Tell me some good movie titles?

And yes I have watched Inception.


  1. I must say, i don't really watch movies these days either.
    Always get sucked into reality tv though!

  2. Yeah I'm trying not to get sucked into Reality. I refuse to watch Jersey Shore!


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