Friday, June 10, 2011


So I must have embarrassed myself by asking on Twitter what VOIP software there is out there. Skype - the responses came in. Duh, I have only been using Skype for 3 years!

I have purchased Skype credits so that I can make calls on my computer without having to plug in the landline. I am on my way to divorcing with Telstra. Contacted TPG today and they said the transfer will take 10 - 20 days. OMG 10 to possibly 20 days with no interwebz!

How did you guys go with transferring to Naked ADSL2? Please let me know if I should do it. I'm scared of breaking the cycle on something that is currently working well. Also what is this VOIP thing with TPG? Ploise explainnnn.. I am starting to feel like a ditz. I think that I will stick to Skype until I get Lync.

Comments on Naked ADSL2 transfer please!

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