Monday, November 15, 2010

Wedding Gowns - What do you do with them??

A friend of mine who is recently engaged said that she wants to buy her gown instead of doing what Singaporeans usually do and hire one. So I told her to take mine instead. She looked all excited and held the dress against herself and kept looking in the mirror. I felt so happy looking at the dress again. I have not taken her out of the bag since the wedding. She said she is Sz 8/10 and will not fit in the dress but I told her to alter it to fit. I mean it's been hanging in the wardrobe since the wedding. Surely if it makes someone else happy, they should take it!

So here's the challenge, who wants to bet that after two kids, I can still fit in my corset wedding gown? Please leave bets and challenge in comments. I have bought the images from my wedding photographer. I should really upload the full res images as the ones he originally gave us do not do it justice.
And back to the subject, what have you done with your wedding gown?


  1. Since my wedding two months ago, the dress has:
    -Been shoved into a box and posted back to Melbourne from New York.
    -Sat in said box for three weeks waiting for our return
    -Been chucked on the floor of the bedroom in its garment bag since.

    I'm feeling terribly guilty but I don't have a spare couple of hundred bucks to have it drycleaned and boxed, nor anywhere to put it when I do. I will probably keep it though, since it was a bespoke design.

    And you can totally fit in that gown. I saw that photo of you a few posts back.

  2. I havent got married yet (engaged but a slack planner) but I think it is really lovely you loaned your friend the dress, such a beautiful gesture.

  3. wbeast86 - I hear ya sister. I'm feeling so guilty too. Such a waste of money. Lucky I did not go get a couture one!!

    Shannon - Did someone say they need help wedding planning? ME ME ME ME ME can I help? Also don't forget to delegate. I left most things to Mick to sort out. HAHAHA. Well, it's just sitting there, might as well let someone else enjoy it!


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