Sunday, November 7, 2010

My big boy is 18months old ..

Wow I truly win worst mother award. On Thursday, someone in my mothers' group asked if Pork Chop was 18months. I said no not yet.. I thought he would be 18months in December. MY BAD!!! It was the 4th this month, which was Thursday when they asked me.

This means -> weigh in for big D so I finally get to find out how much this boy weighs! I don't know where he shoves and keeps all his food. This coming Thursday, I have to take both boys to the child health centre. This should be scary and interesting as most people would know I seldom go out with both boys. Only in dire situations where I had to take both of them to the GP with me for Pickle's 6 week checkup.

By staying home for a few months with Pork Chops and Pickles, Porky has somehow got closer to me. We have our own games that he only plays with me. Poor Mick is really upset that he doesn't get to play what we call Where's Daniel. He will run away from me and I call out.. Where's D? Where's DD? And he turns around looks at me with the biggest smile and I yell out. THERE YOU ARE!! There's DD. And he runs towards me and hugs me. It is the sweetest thing.

There are days when I think what on earth am I doing with 2 kids and the oldest is only 1.5years old. Now that the return to work date is so close. I am starting to feel sad. My boys need me. Pork chop used to not play with me before this. Now we have secret things that I do to make him laugh. And Pickles is still going really really well with his breastfeeds. I thought by now he would be on formula. The guilt is getting to me. I am bordering on PND being at home and most days I do not go anywhere. Little wonder why I am vitamin deficient. But my boys are so adorable that I just really wished that I could be a stay at home mum and be happy being one.

Anyway, enough of the sappy sad stuff. Happy 18mths to Pork Chop. My little gorgeous boy!

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