Monday, November 1, 2010

Bake bake bake!

There is a lady in my mothers group that always amazed me. I always thought she was the ultimate domestic goddess. The house was ALWAYS clean, you could spring a visit and it will be guest worthy. Unlike cough ... mine! So for the almost 18months that I have known her, I always thought she was a baker and crazy good cook. I mean the woman makes curry from scratch... I use Asian Gourmet ... the shame and FAIL. She would be one of those that rocks up to your place with a plate of cupcakes.

We had a meet at her place the other day. I rocked up with two babies and I had not seen them in ages. I would say about 2months. So I scoffed chocolate cake into my mouth and handballed my smallest one to the other clucky mothers. In my head I am thinking omg this cake is so good and her oven must be fantastic as the bottom was not overcooked. It was evenly baked and so moist. I am no chocolate cake lover so scoffing this much cake in my mouth means this cake is really good. I put a mental note in my head to get the recipe from her. Guess what, it was packet mix. My jaw dropped and my ideas of how she is a total domestic goddess just went down the drain. I felt cheated. I'm serious! LOL

I am the world's worse house cleaner. I just cannot do it. I hate vacuuming, I hate mopping.. so I hire a cleaner. I am shocked that these ladies have husbands that would not allow a cleaner. Huh? Meanwhile I bake everything from scratch and I have to say I think I have ever bought 2 boxes of cake mixes before. Yes I do pancakes from scratch too. So today, I baked blueberry muffins for Mick's birthday tomorrow. Can I say again that I LOVE my Kitchenaid Beater blade. So now I can pat myself on the back. I do not have the cleanest house or shower screen that you can see through LOL but goddamn it I bake from scratch. There you go!!


  1. Oh - WORD. I am no fan of cleaning and scrubbing...but baking...well you can always TASTE the cake mixes...they have that nasty artificial *evenness*. Blergh.
    Actually - there goes my kitchen timer - gotta get that cake outta the oven. Buttah Cake. With a hint of lavender. Just because. :-D

  2. I was completely fooled girl!! I was totally fooled. I told myself nah there's no way she'll use packet mix!! WAHHHHHH!!!

    Ooohhh lavender, I'm too scared to make lavender anything. What if it tastes like potpurri?

  3. Don't go near the packet mix! Your Beater blade may never forgive you for tainting it! :)

  4. Funny because I have that vision of YOU! two kids and baking all the FREAKIN time... apple crumble this, toffee something that... blueberry stuff all the time... AND you tweet, AND you blog...

    I think you need to ask - maybe they see you as the domestic goddess...

  5. Nah Spagsy I don't clean remember! And I cook because me and big boy will have meltdown with no food in the house. :) I am lucky both of them are easy babies. When I get back to work (soon) it will be different.


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