Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hate these bits of cooking!

I love cooking.. well I don't mind it. I love eating more so someone's gotta cook.
That someone has been me recently since Mick's new working hours suck eggs. Things I hate doing when cooking ...

1) Cutting pumpkins, is there anything worse than fighting with a big chunk of pumpkin? I have decent knives too, so I am not sure what I did before getting said decent knives. I think I was hacking them apart with a big cleaver!

2) Deep frying, I love fried food. Hello fried chicken soaked in buttermilk mmmmm... but I hate doing it. It's always so gross, so tedious and so annoying. Then what the heck do you do with that pot of oil after???

3) Washing up afterwards, I am not sure what I did before I had a dishwasher. Pray tell!? What did I do?!? I remember our little one bedroom flat, tiniest kitchen sink and I had the biggest pots!

4) Stirring risotto, my arms.. they hurt. I love risotto, hate stirring it.

What are some of the stuff you hate when cooking?


  1. Feeling your pain on all those :)
    I also hate mashed potatoes - they are such chore as they have to be peeled, boiled then mashed (which takes too much energy).
    S has accepted that mashed potato is a treat in our house as he rarely gets it!

  2. Oh no... real mash is overrated. May I introduce you to Deb if you do not like doing it? LOL

  3. i hate cutting pumpkins, usually have a close call on lopping off a few fingers every time! love eating it though!

  4. Love this post!

    I absolutely hate stirring polenta (not the instant stuff, that's easier). It becomes like glue!

    Also hate rolling meatballs/patties lol. I've taken to wearing gloves so the mixture doesn't get on my hands, but it's still sticky and messy :P


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