Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Phone call this afternoon!!

And it was my gorgeous high school friend Meilinda... by the way this LA fashion writer is a star alright! She had a speaking role in Lost. LOST!!

Anyhoos, Meilinda calls me Hwei Ling... and I'm like erm.. who could this be? Her American accent is gloriously excited and rattling off her Thanksgiving menu to me. It includes Wolfgang Puck, Jamie Oliver, Rachel Ray ... And I asked ooh what are you making? Wolfgang Puck -> fancyyyyy. She said she was making Baked Apple Pouches.

Oh this could be good, I tried to google and it sounds interesting. Apple in egg roll skins and baked. I had to admit that I had to google "what is egg roll skins". The shame of not identifying a Chinese cooking ingredient. But it is the American name that threw me off. The recipe is on Wolfgang Puck's website how eggciting! I want to make this and it is a shame that I cannot find a picture of it. I hope to get a good picture before we wolf it down.

She rang me to ask if my little L still fits in 3months sized clothing. I said it's ok, it's American sizing, I will squeeze him in it!! I'm feeling lots of love from my friends lately. So many overseas and old friends have been visiting, calling and communicating. Loves it.

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  1. Hehe. Loved this post. It made me chuckle - its egg-cellent. :)


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