Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Claw: Hello Darling Carousel

Did you miss the Claw? I did.. I had really bad chipped nails but they seem to have got better recently.
For this Claw, I went with a new colour that I bought. Well not that recently but you know... chipped nails :( I'm skipping holiday haul for now - next one I promise!

And I even took the Claw out of the house. Yeappp.. not featuring my front yard this time. We went outside to 2 different places. One was Flower Temple in QV and the other was at the Country Dahlia farm at Winchelsea (out Geelong direction). I will talk more about the dahlia farm on Stalk my Weekend if I can get a chance to blog about it. So many topics, so little time! The picture above is from the dahlia farm. How pretty are dahlias! And what a romantic picture!

Flower Temple Sneaky Claw

Quick point and shoot before someone sees

I used Manicare Beginning to End as base and top coat which was gifted to me. Now I might be going blind but I cannot for the life of me find Carousel on Hello Darling's website. Someone tell me I am blind because this is a very cute colour. It is pretty fluffy pink with gold highlights. I hope you can see this in the bottle picture on the left. 

One more scrunched up Claw


  1. Hello claw it's been awhile. I have no polish on my nails currently - scandal

  2. This is such a pretty shade, love the sneaky claw action you have going!

  3. Ohh, I love the Flower Temple. I haven't been there in so long though.

    1. You have to go! :) it's so beautiful. Have you ever had a coffee there?
      I'm not sure why we don't go there more often.

  4. It is a gorgeous colour! I want it too, hope it's on the website still.


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