Monday, April 29, 2013

Stalk my Noms: Collective Noms

Are you ready for the onslaught of Stalk my Noms? As I was doing the holiday posts and other stuffs. The normal weekly posts got neglected. Soz and My Bad! I was just looking at the pictures that I have and thought - Gosh I eat out quite a bit!

There was a Saturday that I called the foodie day. We went out for dinner and lunch on the same day. It was like eat, eat, eat and eat day.

For lunch, we went to Chef Lagenda in Flemington with lovely Sew Me Love. I think when we went, it was her 4th weekend in a row. Yes.. she went back for the 5th. She just cannot stay away. I ordered Hainanese Chicken rice for the boys. And Mick and I shared Curry laksa and don't be grossed out by the top right picture of Ipoh Combination Hor Fun or in Cantonese "Wat Tan Hor". I once ordered that infront of someone really Aussie and "white meat only". She told me that us Chinese will eat anything with look of fear mixed with disgust.... it reminded her of this Survivor episode where this Chinese contestant blitz some weird eating challenge. Ok don't knock it till you try it. The boys topped the trip off by asking to go to the toilet 6 times between the two of them. Seriously!! I'm sick of toilet trips, back to the nappies please!

Salivating at Chef Lagenda
We went home with our takeaway Tiramisu from a cafe next door and proceeded to veg out and wait for our 6pm duck fest. Serious duck lovers need to get to Simon's Peiking Duck in Box Hill South. I went with the hardcore foodie food bloggers before and though omgawd Mick will love this! At $55/65 per duck for a 3 course meal. I'm THERE in a Melbourne minute with Ling & Hubby from Best Beauty Blog and also Clinique IT Girl 2013!! I'm famous by association here people.

Toss them pancakes at our plates Simon
Pickles amused by pancake throwing display
Simon is known as the duck nazi apparently and does not tolerate tardiness. We rocked up at 6pm sharp and there were already tables of people chowing their duck by then. There are only 2 sessions per night. 6 or 8pm. None of this fluffy 7 or 7.30pm bookings. Their advice was to get the duck order in asap so that we do not have to wait when the larger groups arrive. Oh yes please.. duckalicious.. bring it! Simon will come to your table and show you how to eat the peking duck pancakes. I was rather surprised that Pickles actually ate his and asked for another one. Maybe he liked the show that Simon put on next to the table. D nibbled at his "chicken". And again.. another 4 or 5 toilet trips for this one meal. Seriously. Enough already boys!

Panfried XLB Shanghai Street
A lot of people from work are surprised that I would bring the boys in for dumplings as Box Hill is closer. Well Box Hill is pretty crappy in comparison to this place on La Trobe Street and Russell. The boys get to watch them make the dumplings through a window in the restaurant. How much fun is that? I think this was after I had my hair done in Fitzroy and I told Mick.. c'mon it's Dumplings time! The dumpling making lady had told me to order Pan Fried Xiao Long Bao next time as I normally order the steamed ones. The skin is thicker to accomodate pan frying process. But yummy yum yum. Also I have to say that having gone with someone that doesn't eat pork, chicken XLB is weak in comparison. No no... please.. eat the pork.

Popula Sushi Ivanhoe
One of the strangest hole in a wall takeaway places in Ivanhoe must be Popula. It's Popula yes no R. It is indeed popular as I once rocked up to buy a sushi and sashimi plate but they said no no.. 1hour at least. I said what? It was like lost in translation divided by a sushi fridge and bar. It took several 1hour 1hour yells before I worked out that they were so behind with orders that it would take at least 1 hour if I wanted sushi. Erm no.. I was hungry and it was a Saturday.. I want sushi now lah! I ended up with sashimi pack and I can't remember what else we had for dinner. Anyway, on a weekday lunch time, they have prepared packs. The lunch pack above was $10 from memory. Delicious soft sushi rice moulded perfectly and does not fall apart. It is all done by hand and no machines here! If you live here, heck even if you don't. Seriously get yourself to Popula if you are a Japanese sushi fan. They do sushi platters for parties and they are definitely popula!

Express Banquet at Red Spice Road
QV seems to be a wind tunnel and labyrinth of abandoned shops. We were so happy when Red Spice Road opened! Finally no need to walk across Elizabeth street and uphill! This is our 3 dishes from the express banquet. For $25 per person (minimum 2) you get a choice of 3 dishes, rice and appetitsers (corn fritters). We chose Barramundi salad, Lamb curry and Tofu with Vegetables. Who would have thought the tofu would be a highly fought over dish? I was in my I am so deprived of mushrooms mode as nobody else in the family eats them (INSANE!) and my work BFF was also a mushie maniac. The barramundi salad was different and I kind of felt strange eating watermelon with rice. But I put that away in my belly too. The lamb curry sauce was great and so was the sweet potato. But the lamb was a little dry. I think I'm addicted to civilised lunches gossiping about makeup with BFF at RSR now!


  1. Waah!!! I need to try that Simon's duck feast AND the express lunch at Spice Road! Hopefully I don't get a job soon or at least not on a Friday so we can go there an eat together for lunch. ;)

    1. Yes you need to go to Simons! And RSR lunch express the bomb dot com!

  2. Gosh, reading this made me hungry haha. I love the look on Pickle's face when he's looking at the food!

    I'm ordinarily not a huge duck fan but I REALLY want to go to the duck feast place now!

    And Red Spice Road, I'm a huge mushroom and tofu fan too. :)

    1. That mushroom and tofu dish is gonna be fought over.. YUM.. Lamb -> pass!

  3. Yummm! Peking duck is my favourite!!! I will definitely have to try Simon's. Everything else looks really good as well... I've just had dinner and now I'm hungry again!

    1. You won't regret it! The pancakes are thin and so good!

  4. I think Simon is the owner of Old Kingdom Yes? I think... ill have to try the one in Box HILL! YUMMMMMMM!!!!

    Also, I agree on the Pork. I have never tried chicken because I just wouldn't risk my night like that. Pork Pork Pork on my fork! haha :S I'm tired...

    anywho - Wish I worked in the city so we can go out for DUMPLINGS! Just dont order the chicken ;)

    - KK

    1. Yeap yeap yeap he used to own Old Kingdom (from what I heard).
      Pork pork pork is the go. Say no to chicken dumplings. No no no.

      Yeah! This one is gold! I love looking at them making the dumplings!

  5. Nom nom nom!!!!! I'm due for my sixth visit to Chef Lagenda!!! Hehehe, but my gf has been busy, which is probably a blessing in disguise!!
    Next time you bring the bys into town for weekend dumplings, let me know! I'll come help u eat those delicious XLB's!!
    Miss those two gorgeous munchkins, tell them aunty Nee says nihao!!

    1. PS. Booking at Simons for Mothers Day done!! Thanks for the recommendation :)

    2. Yay yay yay tell me what you think of it.
      OMG yay Chef Lagenda FTW haahah I will definitely let ya know! XLB winners.

    3. omg, when i went to Simon's, we were seated and i sat there for 25 mins!!!! I was having a bimbo day, thought they already knew what we wanted to order since i mentioned it on the phone lol. Finally i flagged down a waiter and asked for tea then said "do i have to order or do u already know what i want..?" - wtf.
      Oh and dad messaged asking for duck necks and heads..... Simon gave us a bag full LOL. Loved it, thanks for the recommendation!!

  6. This looks amazing once again - We must go out for dumplings!! xx

  7. I only ever eat pork at yum cha... I pretend its not pork haha it scares me the piggies! I love Simons... We should have a group dinner there yum.


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