Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Stalk my Back to Work

Hurro! Guess what! I went on holiday without my work laptop and I could not bear looking at a computer the last 2 weeks. So I was absent from the blogging world. But I am back to grey and cold Melbourne. I call this trip my annual pilgrimage.

So stalk my back to work outfit. Country Road grey skinny work pants that I bought before I went on holiday and forgot about them as it was so hot that I would look at black pants and melt. A fantastic blue top that I scored from a shop called Fond in Great World City in Singapore. I was sent there by my Mum who said I had to go buy the same dress as her because it was so cute and cheap.

Mandatory dodgy mirror pic
I am also wearing a necklace that D picked out for me in Dorothy Perkins at Wisma Singapore. I told him that Mummy had no money to buy it. He kept saying does it fit Mummy? Do you want to buy it with hopeful little eyes. We bought it one night as he kept telling Mick about the bird necklace. So cute! So I am wearing it today even though it clashes with the work tag I wear around my neck.

Anddddd I came back to work to receive this.

Before I left, work skincare/makeup BFF and I went on a rampage trying on all the Hermes perfumes at DJs. We sprayed it on cards and I quickly got confused and overwhelmed as I think the base notes are the same. So she emailed me while I was on holiday asking which one I liked. I was like erm.. I don't know! I got confused. She bought Kelly cache which by the way has an amazing twist bottle cap closure and this one. I picked the Un Jardin Apres La Mousson as I was going to buy this one at the airport to add to my ever growing stash! The smell of Mousson is more fruity like watermelon. Coincidentally she also prefers Kelly over this. Winners all around! 

I will be back with more shopping hauls. Like HAULS!! Think luxury high end haul! And stalk my noms while I was on holiday. SO MUCH to blog about.
Anyone else missed me? 


  1. I missed you! Looking forward to seeing the spoils.

    SSG xxx

  2. I wondered where you went

    Cute outfit

    I want to see the haul asap

  3. I don't comment much, but damn woman you're missed! lol... Good to see you back and rejuvenated, haul posts please!

  4. I missed you!

    What a lovely outfit, and I love the necklace too, your offspring clearly have great taste. :)

    Such a lovely gift from your work bestie too!


  5. Yes, you have been missed. I'm so looking forward to hearing all about your trip and seeing your new goodies!

  6. Nice outfit! Hope Singapore was fun!

  7. Always miss you Lingy, I'm your groupie, you know that ;)

  8. Welcome back, agree this melbourne weather is depressing haha!
    Bring on that haul x

  9. welcome back! that necklace is so pretty, how cute that D wanted you to have it so bad! x

  10. Thanks y'all!! I miss ya gals too!!

  11. Missed you! You look hot as despite it being a dodgy loo shot, great job! That perfume looks so luxe, what a lovely gesture x

  12. Can't wait to see all your holiday posts! You know for the longest time I was looking for a new signature scent and thought of Hermes. But your'e right, they all smell similar.

    1. OMG yes... i was hoping someone else would agree with me. It does all smell similar. I think they have similar base/middle notes and top notes are different.

  13. Ling! Hope you had a wonderdul time..



    - KK


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