Monday, September 27, 2010

Fashion has moved on without me

So bear in mind that I have been pregnant since 2008! Yes 2008.. with about 6/7 months in between. Therefore my normal wardrobe has been neglected. And I had been el cheapo and saving money by buying the bare essentials that will cover my preggie belly.

Now that the Pickle has been evicted and Pork Chop is indeedy a big Porky. I am ready to return to civilisation. This means, I am outdated and I need HALP.
So back in my day, True Religion jeans were it. It's probably moved on from there but girlfriend here is not spending $200 plus on jeans. The big question is, are these jeans still ok to be worn? I know nobody wears the Joeys anymore.. I shall wait about 3 years and I will be totes hot in my Joeys. Fashion always comes back. I never used to do skinny as I had big calves. Yes I did, don't argue with me. So I have something like these....

... are they still OK or should I put them in the pile of I will be totes hot one day when the fashion comes back. I don't think one can err that much with straight leg right?

Having said that I never used to do skinny leg, I chanced on Jeans West skinny leg cargo pants. Ran to two shopping malls to get a size 8. Yes you heard right, I am a size 8 - smug face. And I must say I love them! I will take pictures when I wear them, trust me to have them hanging in my Chinese laundromat + bomb that exploded in a toy store aka my dining room.

Other than being 3 years out of date in the fashion stakes. Everything is going well with the 14.5month gap between my two boys. I am baking up a storm, cooking for everyone. And .... hiring a cleaner so that I can pretend I'm a domestic goddess. I promise that I will update more often as I know some people like to relish in my suffering as a SAHM (stay at home mum).
Meanwhile every other SAHM that I know has set up some online store selling knitted stuff, painted stuff or turned to photography. I shall try to sew some baby blankies and hawk them online too.

Lots of Love,

L, Pork Chop & Pickles... + Mick & Snowy

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  1. refer to my conversation regards to your arse crack showing in maternity jeans... smug face indeed. Instead of hawking bunny rugs and booties how about you do what we all want you to do and teach us to pole dance!! Ive got 16kg to shift - which is probably the total amount of weight you put on with BOTH pregnancies but I digress... it is your duty...nay OBLIGATION to teach my wobbly bits to firm the eff up! *bats eyelashes* see you at the Y on Saturday.


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