Thursday, April 15, 2010

No Hot Cross Buns this year but bun in the oven

So this year, I have faileddddd.. I failed to bake my own hot cross buns.
I do have the ingredients so who knows? Maybe I will start them this weekend. Uh huh, sure .. I can hear in the background.

I bought ugg booties from Ugg brand off

How cute is that!!! And erm.. why are they USD$50. Please explain?

Anyway, there are no hot cross buns but there is a bun in the oven. Yes I have been in denial and it is very hard!! It is very hard being at work and trying to look not pregnant and getting the huh belly stares. I am more than 20 weeks, heck I don't remember how many. Maybe 24?! Or was it 25??!? Cannot remember any longer. I am feeling like a total happy working mum and now it's schmozzle.

Speaking of pregnancy, can preggie bellies wear normal tights from Cotton On? I am just finding it very overwhelming this winter preggie thing. I do summer.. you know the usual dresses etc but this tights/leggings bizo. I cannot understand it as I don't do leggings. Some of us tried to start the #jeggings trend in Twitter LOLLLL ROFFFLLL #JEGGINGS! Sad to report that we failed. So now I'm faced with a sad wardrobe AGAIN and I am terrified.

I better go and get some crappy clothes for my big belly. URGH.


  1. congratulations on your coming bundle of joy (no 2)!!!!

    In answer to you question re tights, all my tights worn below the belly were fine until recently (I am now 30wks). I got a pair from witchery recently ($40, I paid $10 with their $30 gift for new VIP card thing) and they sit over the belly and much more comfy. They are very thick too so will be great for winter!

    kmart have a great slim leg stretch fabric pair of black pants (thicker than jeggings but similar) that are ultra comfy and look good too. (quality no so good, easily piles) but good enough to last a pregnancy!

    good luck! and congrats again!

  2. Congratulations!!! How exciting.
    I can see it now, you will be hiding the belly like Lynette from Desperate Housewives hahahaha.

    That is such great news, and fun that your babies are quite close in age :)


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