Thursday, May 31, 2012

Parcel Day - Dinosaur Hoodie

Oh hai I is Dinosaur
I am one of those Mothers.. yeah whatever. You know you want one too! D has a Monkey ear one and this one.. OMG dinosaur thingees? Want want want want! I ordered this for Pickles but he would not leave the hood long enough for me to take a picture. That was one reason why D is modelling but also because Pickles was yelling CHOO! CHOO! CHOO! at me. He means train. Train on the phone. YouTube to be more precise. Do not ask.

Ordered these from Next Direct last weekend on Saturday. I never received a notification for shipping or tracking number for DHL. The next minute, a van drives up, there was a knock on my door. And I thought huh? It was my Next Direct Package. Woohooo!!! Awesomeeeeee...

Bought some PJs for the boys too but they look like it will take another 2 years to fit into them. Oh dear.. I still have not got used to their sizing!

What I hate about the site is that there is no order history - Or I have not figured it out yet. Which is really annoying.


  1. Love it! Typed as I am wearing one of my house tracksuits. It's furry...and has ears...

  2. Ur boys r the cutest eurasian bebes!!!!!!

  3. So freakin' cute! I want to see a photo of the monkey one. And a photo of Pickles wearing it! Make him wear it for a photo. I WANT TO SEE! Hahaha xx


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