Friday, May 18, 2012

Oh Lovely Mothers' Day

Ok so this post is late.. Shoot me!
I cannot believe it is the end of the week already.

This is what I got from the boys' for Mothers' Day. They had done some planting in the front. Mick thought that he should keep the front garden going.. mmmmm I thought it was done. This is how much I know about gardens. We both managed to get our haircuts done and the boys waited for 2hrs in Jamie's studio. Tears and yelling came out when the fighting over iPhone started. Thank goodness we were out by then.

We had dinner at Grand Tofu to celebrate as well. And seriously how good is Grand Tofu? I have eaten here twice and honestly check these Nestum Deep Fried King Prawns out. We had homemade egg tofu as well this time. Honestly this place is the bomb.


  1. Grand tofu???? Sounds like some place I should go! I love tofu!!!! I hope u enjoyed Mothers Day with your boys and hubby xoxoxoxo

    1. Girlfriend it's around the corner from Laksa King... Good food too!

  2. omg those prawns look so good!

  3. OMG the prawns are good. But I think i have gone once too often in the last month. HAHAHA

  4. Still have yet to visit Laksa King, the times I can head down that way they are always packed!

  5. LOL YAY grand tofu :D!! it's my second home - im not joking


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